Rainbow Cake

After the last cake for my friend it was time to make one for my little sister and that is how this 5-layer rainbow cake came to be. Cakes are definitely one of my favorite things to make in the kitchen – they always present a little challenge, plus, exploring and trying new ways to decorate them is just very inspiring. So all I can say is I am super excited for quite some cakes I have lined up in the next month, and for all the rest still to be made.

Oh and thank you Metka, for being the best assistant/photographer/future business partner.







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  1. That is one epic cake, incredible photography as well (:


    1. Ohh thank you! 😊

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  2. Wow this is DIVINE. Amazing talent you got!


    1. Oh such lovely words<3 Thank you!:)

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  3. liveoaklemonade says:

    Flipping gorgeous. I love everything about it. One day I’ll force myself to attempt something this beautiful and ambitious! Thanks for sharing your talent


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