Cold Brew Coffee

Since moving to Australia not many days have passed that did not include drinking at least a cup of coffee – it is just that good here. Not to mention how many options there is, both of brewing methods and of beans available to purchase. I spend a couple of days a week working as a barista, working behind a big, sturdy coffee machine, with fresh espresso shots, waiting to be consumed straight or with some water or milk / milk alternative, always just seconds away. But on the days when I’m not at the cafĂ©, and I do not feel like walking to one of the million other coffee shops around, it is great to have something at hand at home. In the mornings and on cold days my V60 brewer and some freshly ground natural Ethiopian beans are my preferred drink of choice, but on those warm days, almost nothing beats a refreshing cold brew. And not to mention how great the fact that it can be made in advance and kept in a fridge for up to a couple of weeks is, it really is a couple of seconds away. I find it to be a great drink for everyone who is just starting to dive into the world of filter coffees as it is a bit mellower than the warm counterparts, so if that is you, maybe give it a go soon. The recipe below will make a cold brew concentrate, and will be great consumed on some ice, with a splash of milk even, or diluted with some water.


  • 150g corse, freshly ground, lightly (filter) roasted coffee
  • 750g water


  • a large jar, a v60 cone and a filter or a cold dripper / cold drip brewer to filter the brewed coffee
  • a bottle in which you will store your brew


  1. Depending on the equipment you are using, your filtering method will differ. I personally use my V60 cone and a matching filter, as I feel it does a great job and it saves me needing to get a separate piece of equipment. With the V60 cone, you will fold your filter by the seam, place it in to the cone and wet the filter with cold water. To filter, gently scoop off the top layer of coffee that will accumulate there, and slowly pour the coffee underneath on the filter. You may need to pour in a couple of rounds, to let the coffee filter through before adding more.
  2. Once filtered, pour the brew in your large glass bottle and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. To serve, pour over a glass of ice cubes and maybe add a splash of your choice of milk if that’s your thing. Alternatively add some cold water instead of ice.


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