Vitamin Water

This time I’m sharing something very simple for these hot summer days when water just won’t cut it in the hydration department. 😉 This infused water is full of vitamins, refreshing and you only need a few minutes to make a batch that will last for a day. What I’m sharing here is my favorite combination but feel free to experiment with all the fruits, herbs, veggies or whatever you like.




  • Handful of raspberries – fresh or frozen (frozen will give that pretty pink color to the mixture)
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1 bio lemon cut into slices
  • Fresh ginger – peeled and cut into pieces
  • fresh mint





Simply take a large jug, bottle or a carafe and put in the raspberries, mint, juice of one lemon, ginger bits and lemon slices. Fill with water and put it in a fridge.

You can drink it straight away, but it will gain flavor when it sits a bit. So put it in a fridge and when you drink some, you can easily refill it with water again. This mixture should be good for a few liters of water.





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