“Concrete” cake

Before returning back to Slovenia and getting back to all the whisking, piping and scraping that a cake requires, I wanted to refresh my caking skills and see some of that lovely Australian sharp edges being crafted on one in action. Luckily, one of the most inspiring cake decorators, creating under the brand The Don’t Tell Charles is based in Melbourne so that choice was pretty easy, especially considering all the different classes she holds.




The cake we made is a two-tier one, made of layers of rich chocolate and vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream frosting enriched with some crushed Oreos, some filter coffee to make the sponge nice and juicy and then finished off with vanilla buttercream and lovely fresh flowers. And as I’m not the biggest fan of buttercream, taste-wise, after this class I do definitely get why it is so popular because it is just a dream to work with. And because I am also not a big cake eater, the first photo is the one of the whole cake whereas the last ones are only of the top-tier, as I gave the bottom away to some more cake-loving hands mouths.


And now to the next challenge of getting that perfect balance of my prefered fillings and buttercream to get to this nice sharp look as well the taste I like to achieve.


top tier-3

top tier-5

top tier-7


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