Water Kefir

People mostly know kefir as the probiotic milky drink, but there is actually another type of kefir grains that are fed by any type of sweetened water, producing a drink similar to kombucha. I personally much prefer the water kefir drink, as it does not feed your candida, which consumption of kombucha may, kefir also does not have any caffeine, so you can drink it any time of day you wish and the making of it is super easy and fast. It’s extremely hydrating, especially if you make it with coconut water, which is naturally full of electrolytes. You only need to get the grains once, they can be bought from a health-food store or gifted by someone who is making kefir at home, and from them on the grains are constantly growing as they produce the drink, so you will have more of them every day – there is also quite some websites where people share these, as well as sourdough starters and other lovely cultures. It’s a great refreshing drink on its own or added into your smoothies.



Ingredients and Method:

As I am making my kefir constantly, I usually make it in batches of 700 ml so it fits well into by glass bottles I have at home and it is the amount we would finish in a day or two, so I always have fresh one ready. Feel free to make more or less at once.

Step 1:

  • Water kefir grains (2-3 tbsp per 700 ml liquid is enough, you can use more grains but the fermentation time will be slightly shorter)
  • 700 ml Coconut water (or 700 ml filtered water with 2 tbsp coconut or raw sugar dissolved)
  • Big mason jar (the elastic seal removed so some air can come through, a large jar with a loose lid will work as well)
  1. Simply pour the coconut or sweetened water over the grains, cover and leave at room temp for 24-36 h. The grains will feed on the sugar in the liquid, so the end result actually won’t taste sweet nor will have many calories, but will be very rich in beneficial bacteria.
  2. You can start consuming your kefir at this stage, but I much prefer it once it undergoes a second fermentation (as you add some extra sugar from the fruit) and depending on the fruit you use, you can add all this different natural flavors to it too. It is with this process it will get a bit fizzier as well.




Step 2:

  • A handful of fruits of your choice or 2 tbsp fruit pulp
  1. Strain the liquid into a tall glass bottle, leaving at least 5cm of space on top. Repeat step 1 with the grains if you wish to continue producing your kefir.
  2. To the strained liquid, add a small handful of fruits, fresh or frozen. My absolute favourite is passion fruit – pulp of one of them will do (alternatively use the frozen cubes of pulp). Raspberries, plums, figs, mango, pineapple are really delicious additions as well, you can either add a couple of chunks of fruit or smash it with a fork and add the pulp. Close the bottle tightly and leave at room temperature for 24 hours. I like to then open it just to release some air, close it again and place in the fridge where it will last for at least a week.
  3. When drinking I like to use a strainer to catch the fruit pieces, but nothing wrong to eat them too.




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